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Strap Up Custom Gear LLC is the creative outpouring of two friends who were looking to shake up traditional gear with some color, and flair!

Our goal was to create an inclusive, body positive experience for everyone from humans new to the scene to those with years of experience. We fostered the idea of creating gear that would fit a wide range of sizes without breaking the bank.

The only thing missing were options, and we brought the gambit to the table. Offering many different styles of fetish gear and accessories in over 100+ patterns and colors.  Letting the consumer express their own style!

Strap Up has been featured in magazines, on national TV, and in local news! The accomplishments made over the last 6 years have surpassed any expectation.

As the world comes back slowly after just over a year of shut downs, changes, and perserverance, Strap Up looks forward to seeing and meeting many smiling faces in the years to come.

Thank you for your support of LGBTQIA+ Small business.

Lou D. - Owner - Strap Up Custom Gear, LLC.

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