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At Strap Up Custom Gear we offer fully adjustable gear and accessories for all shapes and sizes. Our gear is unique and fun, and most importantly, functional!



Our sizing is dynamic! We can fit a variety of body types with our gear!

Choose based on your (comfortable, not tight) t-shirt size!



Harness: < 39’’ (XS-M T-Shirt)

Suspenders: <5’9’’ tall or small build

Belt: < 34’’

Cuffs: 6’’ wrist



Harness: 40’’ – 49’’ (L-2XL T-Shirt)

Suspenders: 5’10 - 6’2’’ or med build

Belt: 36’’ - 44’’

Cuffs: 7’’ wrist



Harness: > 50’’ (3XL+ T-Shirt)

Suspenders: > 6’3’’ or large build

Belt: 46’’ - 52’’

Cuffs: 8’’ wrist


Style vs Design

We offer 5 styles of harnesses, as well as accessories to take your look to the next level!

“Style” refers to a type of harness or accessory. For example, a “double bulldog harness” is a style of harness.

Below are our harness style options: 

  1. Asymmetric

  2. Extended X

  3. X Harness

  4. Single Bull Dog

  5. Double Bull Dog

Pictured Above:

Style: Single Bulldog Harness

Design: CAUTION - Gloss Black Hardware


Once you’ve found the style that you like, it's time to pick your design! “Design” refers to the type of strap, color, and hardware. For example, “CAUTION - Gloss Black Hardware" would be the design. You can choose from our design collections or, if you’re wanting to create something from the “straps up”, or make a change to our existing designs, use our custom gear builder!

How to Buy

We have made it very simple to choose your perfect piece! we have 2 ways to shop.


PRE-DESIGNED -  We have created standard designs with strapping and hardware choices! Just choose your style!

CUSTOM GEAR BUILDER - Our Custom Gear Builder is for people who want to create a piece from the STRAPS UP! Start by browsing our many options, and get creative!


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