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Owner, and co-founder Lou is a huge drag fan. He started watching RuPaul's Drag Race during the first season and rooted for his local queen, Nina Flowers during her metoric rise on the show. At the time, he was working in fashion with a local celebrity and designer. Lou started going to a local establishments once a month drag show, hosted by Nina Flowers and saw all kinds of amazing local talent and even some of the RuGirls from the shows early seasons.

Through the years he has been a huge supporter of local drag and drag competitions. Strap Up sponsored an amazing drag competition in Denver called Weirdo for 2 years, awarding many drag performers with gear to use in thier perfomances. 

Lou met Yvie one faithful night out back of a local establishment where they shared an intial *spark* and became instant friends. In 2018, Yvie approached Lou with a top secret misson to create a harness for an project. Lou had a hunch, but of course was sworn to secrecty. Stephen and Lou then began the process of creating a part of what could arguably be the most talked about look on the runway for season 11 of RuPaul's Drag Race.


At the time Lou & Stephen were working in Stephen's garage, and had Yvie over for a fitting. It was awesome to be able to do all the fitting and literally create the full body harness that day so she could take it with her and finish the rest of the look. After the piece was complet, it was embellished by the amazing Morgan Taylor, Yvie's creative partner. Then she went on the most amazing journey of her life.


















Lou waited patiently for her return. It was a long 8 weeks. When she returned, Stephen & Lou invited her to dinner, just to find out if it actually hit the mainstage.

Lou wasn't shocked when the answer was yes, it was quite an exciting thing to hear. It was hard for them to control thier exitement in thier favorite mediteranian resturant.

Our work was going to be seen on national TV. In front of RuPaul.

Lou watched his friend rise to the top during her first 4 weeks on the show, then, in week 5, it all happend.


On March 28, 2019 Stephen and Lou were at Tracks Nightclub to witness Yvie take the mainstage of RuPaul's Drag Race in a full body harness as a sexy T-Rex and impressed all of the judges, including Cara Delevingne, and Elvira: Mistress of the Dark.

📷: Ben Segren @isthatjupiter

At that point, Lou was so thankful and happy for his friends journey that he devoted his free time to helping Yvie with post show looks and was invited with the rest of her team to attend the finale of Seson 11 of Rupauls Drag Race. This was a dream come true for Lou. He made it to LA to share a once in a lifetime experience with some amazing friends. 

You can see some of his handy work below - YES, He stoned "Free Britney" into those underwear that Yvie flashed during SOS


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